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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci embodied the universal ideal of Renaissance man like no other. Leonardowas an artist, inventor and scientist at the same time - math problem solver . His paintings are still visitor magnets in museums today.

The National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan displays replicas of devices and buildings that Leonardo devised for civilian and military use. The Leonardo Museum in Vinci near Florence also stimulates the viewer's imagination with models based on Leonardo's drawings. Both museums and the Swiss National Museum in Zurich also invite visitors to take a virtual tour of Leonardo's life and work.

The manuscript collections containing Leonardo's estate are scattered among several museums and libraries in Italy, France, England, Spain and the USA. Several thousand sheets of drawings and notes document Leonardo's universal genius - pay people to do your homework . The Leonardo legacy tells of one of the people of that time to whom art, in this case painting, science and inventiveness were equally important.

Leonardo da Vinci - a universal genius

Like no other, Leonardo da Vinci embodied the universal ideal of Renaissance man. In his thinking he was far ahead of his time. He still captivates us today because of his wide-ranging interests and his extensive skills and knowledge. Leonardo was

- artist,

- inventor and

- scientist

at the same time. His paintings, which he created as a painter, are famous. He saw himself more as an engineer. In his manuscripts, he left behind diverse art-theoretical and anatomical insights and experiences - . Leonardo was active as an architect and sculptor.

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